PODCAST: Chris "Hambone" Hammell Talks Unlikely Friendships, Marathons, Barbershops & The LA Underworld

14 years ago I was working at a record store in Thornhill, Ontario. I vividly remembering racking copies of the Goldfinger's "Open Your Eyes" at the time. The cover of that record featured a rough looking tattooed guy who looked like he had just been punched in the face. 

About 10 years later, I met that guy. And even though it got off to a rocky start, Chris Hammell has become one of the major influences on my life.

I'll let the podcast speak for itself, but to frame what you are about to hear, Chris & I dip in & out of travels, insights & relationships while riding a current of conversation that begins with Chris & I meeting in the Barber Shop he would soon be fired from. It was a low point in his life that he'd later turn into a strength and another great story.
In the years since our very first meeting, I've learned many things from Chris and run many miles with him - all of which was not foreseen all those years ago.  
Chris "Hambone" Hammell / Town Barber @stillhambone
The song in this episode is called Dead To Me by TotalXWar, Chris' band. Click here for more on these guys.