PODCAST: George Mumford Talks Teaching Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant Meditation

George Mumford's road to becoming an influential author & mindfulness coach to Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant & other pro sports legends was filled with peril.

He grew up in the Boston in the 60s during a time of massive racial tension, constantly having to be on his toes & aware.

In College, he roomed with future NBA legend Dr. J. George was hoping for a similar destiny until his athletic career was cut short by severe injuries. He developed addictions to pain killers & later heroine to help him deal with all his physical & emotional pain.

After College he found himself leading a double life, a smart & successful financial analyst with a dope habit. He soon hit rock bottom.

It was through AA & the discovery of mindfulness meditation that George would turn it around. He spent years reading, studying & practicing meditation & mindfulness with some of the most skilled & renowned teachers. He would go on to work with Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

It was through clandestine encounter with Phil Jackson, then coach of the Chicago Bulls, that George would bring his life full circle.

I had a chance to chat with George a few minutes prior to his sold out talk in Toronto, where he was invited by lululemon to speak about mindfulness, performance & a lifetime of work.

- Dhani Oks

George's book, "The Mindful Athlete" is available everywhere.